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Larry Swayze

I love life, and have more interests than time. I am married to my beloved Alice, have seven kids, pastor a church of wonderful people, and train young men and women to be Godly leaders. I love kids, and have worked with youth and families for most of my adult life.

I also love raising and training horses. I ride, drive, pack, swim, and sometimes nap on my Tennessee Walking Horses.

I care about people. I have always been involved in the lives of kids; as a youth leader, missions leader, speaker, camp director, and teacher. I travel to orphanages and children’s homes in Mexico and India, taking along those who are interested in making a difference in people’s lives.

My desire is to take the children who are struggling to discover who they are, and show them how incredibly valuable and capable they can be. If we can help the parents and families grow stronger, healthier, happier; we will give the kids a better foundation to build their lives on.

In working with youth, I often share my love for Jesus, and my belief in the Bible, because that’s what makes my life and my family work. I would never force it on anyone, but I can’t hide it. I’m in love with my wife and my Savior, and if you spend much time with me you will hear good things about both of them.

When Alice and I were blessed with Sky View, we began to look for ways to use this beautiful ranch to reach out to young people. I have always loved the idea of doing a significant, intentional ministry with our horses. That dream has now become a reality, and fits in perfectly with the ministry we have been doing with teens for many years. Most of the staff and many of the volunteers you will see at the ranch were trained to be leaders in ministries that have been in place since 1996.

If you are a parent, I would love to be a help and a resource to you. We have much to offer a parent who is looking for ways to raise healthy kids. Our horses are incredible at bringing out the best in a person, and our staff are even more incredible. They are trained well, and love the kids into positive directions.

If you are a young person who is trying to discover who you are, what you are, and why you are; we have some exciting and life changing opportunities. They all start with a horse that will accept you and teach you all about life from the equine perspective.

Put on your boots and come see us!

Larry Swayze

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